Pusapati Alaka Narayana Gajapathi Raju IV

Pusapati Alaka Narayana Gajapathi Raju IV (1902 - 1937) He built Alakanada Palace (present day police battalion) and a run way for his Aeroplane adjacent to the palace in Vizianagaram. His son ,Dr P.V.G. Raju established the Maharaja Alak Narayan Society of Arts and Science in 1958.

Pusapati Alaka Narayana Gajapathi Raju IV (1902 - 1937)

At the time of the Estate’s Abolition Act, it’s income was estimated to be around thirty lakhs of rupees a year. However, the name of the Vizianagaram ‘Samasthanam’ and the fame of its rulers ever scarcely depend upon mere territorial extend and financial resources. The fact was further demonstratedby Vijayram Gajapati V (b, 2-5-1924 - 13-11-1995) who will before his succession to the Vizianagaram ‘gaddi’ in 1945 and much before the idea of Estate’s Abolition gained momentum, urged that all estates must be abolished even without paying any compensation to their holders. For, “The Vizianagaram princes were never feudal despots. Theirs has been an aristocracy not of mere opulence but of intellect and taste. True to their Princely blood, they have given gifts that have blessed both the giver and the receiver. And no wonder, they have received in return, the only things that princes care to receive, love and loyalty in full measure. “ Vijayram Gajapati V, Popularly Known as P.V.G. Raju typified and symbolized this positive and purposeful phenomenon with a fully blooded intensity over a period of 70 years and left behind a legacy to his worthy heirs to carry forwards the noble traditions that sanctified the royal house of Vizianagaram. “OF THIS MATTER MANY THINGS HAVE BEEN SAID BY MANY, SOMETHING BY EVERYBODY, ENOUGH BY NONE.”